About the Colgate Thirteen

A Colgate institution- the “13” celebrates a long history of musical performance and many rich traditions.

The Grunt

Each year, The Colgate Thirteen logs thousands of miles. Traveling over eight weekends and a three-week extended tour in January, better known as Jantour, we’re used to the road. To stay comfortable, all thirteen singers ride together in our vehicle, lovingly known as “The Grunt”. A tradition over 25 years old, a custom designed and built Ford F-550 became the newest Grunt in 2012.

The Grunt

Our Key & Shield

The Key and The Shield are recognized as the symbols of The Colgate Thirteen. Originally, The Shield was worn on the pocket of every Thirteener’s blazer. Even today, you may find some members in the crescent sporting the timeless Shield on their lapel.

Key and Shield

Both the Key and the Shield have been with the group from its founding — finding their images on the covers of multiple albums and anything “13”.

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Thirteen House

The fulfillment of long-standing dreams, “Thirteen House” at 13 College Street in Hamilton opened its doors June 1, 2002. The house operates as a B&B for Colgate Thirteen alumni (“Crusties”), their families, and the parents of current undergraduate members of the group.

It is a long overdue, classy home-away-from-home for Thirteener’s returning to Colgate with their families and “crescentmates” for singing, spending time with the undergraduate group, and generally enjoying the quiet enrichment of the Hamilton and Colgate communities.

Purchased in 2000 by Robert “Boz” '85 and Jeanne Austrian, the house has been entirely reconstructed and expanded from the ground up, today featuring 5 bedrooms, laundry, family-style kitchen, great room and 3,500 square-feet of living space designed specifically for Colgate Thirteen alumni and our memorabilia.

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Thirteen House Collage